Evil in Return by Elena Forbes


The body of bestselling novelist Joe Logan is found dumped in a disused Victorian crypt at the Brompton Cemetery. He had been tied up, shot and castrated - why? Detective Inspector Mark Tartaglia is convinced that Logan’s personal life holds the key. Logan had been working on an unfinished manuscript, but all trace of it has now disappeared. Could it hold a vital clue?

Then the body of a second man is discovered in an old boathouse on the Thames - killed in an identical fashion to Logan. A vicious and methodical killer is at work but what does he want and how does he lure his victims to their death? If only Tartaglia can find the link between the two dead men maybe he can find the killer before he strikes again. Look inside...


  • “Evil in Return is a thoroughly engrossing read, with interesting characters and a well-paced plot. Add Mark Tartaglia and Sam Donovan to your list of must-read detectives.” - Peter Robinson
  • “compelling…This is no ordinary serial killer story, but a novel in the vein of The Secret History, with the consequences of a drunken student party resurfacing to haunt the participants. It's tautly written, with the race against time expertly handled.” - The Guardian
  • “Switching between compelling characters’ perspectives, Forbes keeps a tight rein on the tempo of this page-turning police procedural.” - Time Out Magazine
  • “Forbes has created an appealing and distinctly fallible protagonist in Mark Tartaglia…a very good British crime writer.” - London Free Press
  • “the third installment in the excellent Mark Tartaglia series and it’s the best to date. Forbes continues to build substantial and engaging characters and provide them with off-beat plots that have just a touch of the same sort of macabre detail that made Ruth Rendell irresistible.” - The Toronto Globe and Mail
Evil in Return by Elena Forbes

Published by Quercus in Feb 2011

ISBN-10: 184916259X

ISBN-13: 978-1849162593

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