A Bad, Bad Thing


Haunted by her past, which she keeps carefully hidden, London homicide detective Eve West has buried herself in her work for many years. But when she stumbles into the midst of a covert police operation, with catastrophic consequences, she is suspended from duty, her reputation in tatters.

Out of the blue, murderer, John Duran, whom she helped put behind bars a few years before, offers to give her proof that she was set up. In return, she must first investigate a possible miscarriage of justice. But why is a hardened criminal like Duran so eager to help a fellow-inmate convicted of the killing of a young woman? And why has he chosen Eve to look into the case?

Teaming up with crusading journalist Dan Cooper, Eve begins to uncover disturbing flaws in the original investigation. As things spiral out of control and her past is brutally dragged to the surface, she realizes that she has been plunged into a case more complex and sinister than she ever imagined …

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A Bad, Bad Thing from autor Elena Forbes

Published by Severn House Publishers Ltd ( August 2018)

ISBN-10: 0727888323

ISBN-13: 978-0727888327